LAB CHEMICAL DISPOSAL:Our technicians will inventory, categorize, segregate, package, label and document the disposal of your wastes according to EPA and DOT standards.

USED OIL & RECYCLING: Using our fleet of collection vehicles, together with a state of the art computerized routing system, we pick up recyclable used Oils, Antifreeze and Oily waters for treatment and recycling which comply with state and federal regulations.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: As a fully DOT/EPA permitted and insured Waste Transportation Company, we can provide Hazardous Transportation services even if we aren't handling the disposal.

UNIVERSAL WASTE DISPOSAL: Universal waste regulations require all types of lamps, batteries, ballast, and mercury-containing devices to be managed as a Universal Waste, which is not, considered "Hazardous Waste" if properly managed. This is the method of management we employ.

Hazardous Waste Management:

Our professionally trained service representatives will provide Waste profiling, EPA ID # assistance, Labeling and Marking assistance, Container selection assistance, waste handling instruction, DOT & EPA paperwork completion, Transportation and Proper disposal of all types of Hazardous Waste.

USED TIRE COLLECTION & RECYCLING: We have access to numerous processing and recycling facilities. Most tires can be processed into tire derived fuel (TDF), septic system or landfill drainage layer material, Tire Rings, Tire Turf and feed stock for crumb rubber plants.

AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP SERVICES: Parts Washers, Used Oil, Paint Waste, Spent Absorbents, Lamps, Oily Water, Paint Gun Cleaners, Antifreeze, Paint Booth Filters, Fuels, Aerosols, Batteries. We also help with consulting and regulatory compliance issues such as Spill plans, and Annual Reports